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World Pulse

Digital platform that connects women around the world.


World Pulse is a global, non-profit platform striving to create social change. Leveraging the power of technology, it helps build a world where women come together to share resources, launch movements, start businesses, run for office, and bravely tell their stories.


World Pulse had a very close production release deadline to meet. They needed to have a bigger technical team to speed up the ongoing development. Their project was very ambitious: to take the NGO’s work from the physical to a digital space and environment.


From Kovix we did what we do best, kickstart our development speed and adaptability. We joined the ongoing project with an agile team to develop the digital platform and its mobile version.

> We were “at the tip of the spear” to get the project into production within the set timeline, only a month after our entry into the project.

> Release the mobile application to production.

> We ensure the 24×7 viability and stability of the platform for user access.

> We migrate the infrastructure, database and backend technology.

Technology at the service of the community of women around the world.

Platform outstanding features

The platform seeks to facilitate social interaction between users. To do so, we have developed different functionalities, taking part in both the design and programming of each one:.

> User profile and search filters with personal data, image, biography, post history and interactions with content and other users.

> A referral program built from scratch that facilitates the referral of profiles through their email to join the online community.

> Loyalty initiative through badges and challenges.

> Online training for the entire community, with content, tasks to be performed and certifications within the platform.

> Real-time notifications that increased user retention and engagement.

> Mentor program to guide and accompany users and take action page to promote their initiatives.

> Better user experience for community participants in countries with poor connectivity. The site saves all its progress every 3”, allows content to be consumed offline, optimizes the web page to facilitate loading and reduce data consumption, or saves its changes offline to be synchronized when the connection returns.

Challenges of joining an ongoing project

Joining an ongoing project with a production deadline was a challenge in itself. Joining a multicultural and multidisciplinary work team was an added plus.

An agile Kovix team joined the client’s staff. Our developers and UX / UI designers had the adaptation and technical analysis capacity to add value to the project from the first moment, working collaboratively with professional teams distributed in the United States, Brazil, Spain, Kenya and Argentina.

Having trained labor and development speed in time and form was one of the greatest challenges of the project, and subsequent recognition by World Pulse.

Technologies used in development

> React Native, to create fast and high quality mobile applications on iOS and Android.

> Figma, leading platform in user experience design.

> NextJS for lightweight, fast, and more accessible pages.

> SEO and Performance Control with tools such as Google LightHouse.

> Email Notifications with SendGrid.

> User screen recording with HotJar to define their “journey”.

> Infrastructure Control and Monitoring with Sentry.

> AWS, PostgreSQL, Heroku, Vercel, GitHub.

"I arrived at Kovix by recommendation at the beginning of 2022. I remember that we had to accelerate an existing project and we needed a team that could work immediately and collaboratively. I have been working with vendors for many years and the main advantages I found in Kovix were the speed of response, the flexibility and the ease with which they integrated into our internal team."

Lourdes Rivas, Head of Product
World Pulse

Alcance de nuestro trabajo

Requirements Engineering

System Development

Software Architecture

UX/UI Design

There is no better reference than the word of our clients.

Get to know the complete review of Lourdes Rivas, Head of Product, World Pulse.


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