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Warehouse Management System.
Digitalize and automate your inventory management with modern technology.

100% configurable and customizable.

Kovix WMS is a self-developed software that facilitates the management of multi-warehouses. It allows configuring all the Supply Chain processes that occur in the warehouse, guaranteeing agility, usability and results. The result is the improvement in the management of the supply chain with the maximum optimization of processes from the reception of materials to the effective delivery to the client.

Key Features

Industries change, and with them the business rules that companies must follow to achieve their business objectives. Kovix WMS adapts to change and follows the evolution of the market by adding key functionalities to task automation, providing reliable and real-time information.

Multi-Warehouse Management

Stock Traceability

Personnel Traceability

Layout Management

Integrable Software 100%

Labeling System

Picking and Replenishment


Configurable Modules

Kovix WMS has different functionalities, organized into main modules, which manage the flow of inventories and warehouse operations.

Benefits of managing with Kovix WMS

Customizable System

Define modules and functions according to your requirements.

Service Optimization

Improve internal and external service levels.

Stock Accuracy

Get certainty from your physicists inventory.

Time Reduction

Improve specific product search.

Greater Control

Monitor online the deposit operations.

Greater Capacity

Maximum use of capacity storage.

Adapt your operations to the speed of business

Kovix WMS is a customizable tool that allows you to adapt to the business rules of each organization and the specific requirements of the industry to increase customer service and competitive advantages.

Currently operating in logistics and retail companies in Mexico, USA and Argentina, the solution has been implemented in an agile and consultative way by Kovix teams at the client. The projects vary in time and form according to the requirements of each one, but in all cases the focus is on guaranteeing independence of management, security and scalability of the platform.

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