Terms and Conditions


Kovix is a corporate structure composed mainly by Kovix LLC., a Delaware, U.S., based company,together with other affiliates and subsidiaries around the world (henceforth, jointly referred to as "Kovix"), many of which are named by including the "Kovix" brand to their commercial and/or legal denominations. By accessing the following websites: "kovix.co" & "kovix-group.com", you acknowledge and accept that the use of the brand "Kovix" in association to terms such as "company", "us" or "our, among others, is only for the purpose of convenience and simplification in order to refer to local branches of our corporate group.

As such, the following terms and conditions shall govern the use of the websites linked to the aforementioned URL's (the "Websites") and their content. Entering and navigating through the Websites shall automatically imply that you accept, without any limitations or conditions, to be governed and be legally bound by the following terms and conditions and, should you not wish to be governed by them, please refrain from using the Websites (the "Terms & Conditions" or "T&C"). Please consider that, should you infringe these Terms & Conditions, Kovix shall be able to terminate your use of the Websites, forbid you from any additional use and/or take legal actions against you in accordance to applicable law.

Kovix reserves the right to change, alter and/or modify these T&C unilaterally and at any moment without the need to notify you nor any other person of such action, which shall be effective immediately upon their upload or update on the Websites. Kovix also reserves the right to, on its sole discretion and at any moment, deny access to any user for any reasons and will not be obliged to give any information nor provide reasons for such denial to the denied user, even if access to other users is allowed. We recommend that you periodically enter our Websites in order to review our T&C that may be currently in force.

The contents of any and all material displayed on the Websites, which shall include advertisements, pages, information as well as all their appearances and designs, codes, hyperlinks and other command sequences are copyrighted by Kovix unless otherwise expressly indicated therein. All rights are reserved and content may not be reproduced, copied, downloaded, published, disseminated nor transferred, in any form nor by any means other than for private and non-commercial uses, unless obtaining Kovix's prior written consent for the purpose.

Any unauthorized use of the aforementioned by any person other than Kovix or its authorized users can be prosecuted as per the applicable laws.

Kovix has obtained the information and material included on our Websites from sources considered as reliable and strict measures have been implemented in order to ensure the accuracy of said information; nonetheless, Kovix does not guarantee that such information is fully accurate, complete or up-to-date. Consequently, your use of said information shall only be voluntary and reliance on it should only be considered with a prior independent review by and/or with qualified consultants.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned, all information, goods and services provided on our Websites is offered "as is", without providing any guarantees whatsoever, whether implicit or explicit, in regards to its integrity, accuracy or timeliness, their aptitude for a specific purpose, nor any representations of any kind, either implicit or explicit. Consequently, all representations and warrants related to the services provided or to be provided by Kovix shall be governed by the terms of the agreements signed by Kovix with its clients.

Kovix reserves the right to change, modify, suspend, cancel or restrict the content of its Websites as well as the links or the information obtained through such; without any prior notice. Any use of the Websites shall be done under the user's own will, risk and cost; Kovix not warranting nor representing that the access to the Websites shall be uninterrupted nor that the Websites shall be free of any virus nor other malware.

Kovix shall not be held liable for any consequences resulting out of the use of the Websites and the information contained therein. In addition, Kovix shall not be held liable for, and expressly disclaims all liability for any damages arising out of the use, reference to, reliance on, or performance of such information and any content of the Websites; including but limited to: (i) loss of profits; (ii) business interruption; (iii) loss of information or other data saved on digital systems or any other system; even if Kovix expressly advised on the possibility of such damages.

The Websites shall not provide any sort of legal, financial nor any other counsel, and no element of the Websites must be interpreted as an argument in favor of an investment or decision-making. As such, the content of the Websites only exists for information purposes only. The information provided on the Websites shall not be, under any circumstance, be considered as an invitation to invest or do business with Kovix.

These Terms & Conditions shall be construed and governed by the laws of Argentina, disregarding its provisions on international private law that may implicate the application of the laws of other jurisdictions.
All controversies, conflicts or claims related to these T&C, including but not limited to their validity and applicability, their compliance or non-compliance, shall be taken to the judgment of the National Courts of Commerce of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina; whereby all procedures shall be performed in spanish.