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Retail & Logistics Transformation

#Retail #WMS #DigitalTransformation

Warehouse Automation Orchestation for Argentina’s No. 1 Consumer Electronics Retailer.

We worked with Argentina’s No. 1 consumer electronics retail company to rethink its entire logistics software ecosystem and to develop its tailor-made warehousing solution.

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#Retail #Marketplace #DigitalPlatform

Marketplace platform for convenience stores and grocery delivery services.

Find out how this startup in the USA managed to digitize the shopping experience of its users, uniting local retail stores and supermarkets on the same digital platform.

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#Airlines #AirFreight #RPA

Major Latin-American Airline optimizes Air Waybill processing times with RPA.

Using Robotic Process Automation and OpenAI GPT technologies we helped a premier Air Cargo Operator optimize their paperwork processing time.

#Logistics #TMS #DigitalTransformation

Smart TMS development for Freight Consolidation LogisticsTech Startup.

A LogisticsTech Startup in the US entrusted us with the development of its TMS platform for the consolidation of international shipments, effectively combining loads into Full Truckload Freight.

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#Logístic #WMS #DigitalTransformation

3PL Operations upgrade through modern technologies.

We helped develop and migrate an 18-year-old WMS system, used to provide services to more than 600 customers.

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#Retail #WMS #AgileTeam

Helping the First 100% Online Supermarket in Latin America optimize its Distribution and Last Mile.

Learn how Jüsto, the favorite 100% digital supermarket in Mexico, Brasil & Perú, implemented a new WMS platform that optimized its fulfillment operations by automating tasks and increasing its operational capacity.

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#Logistics #TMS #DigitalTransformation

A technological alliance to transform e-commerce operations.

Discover how Jüsto Fly, Kovix’s squad, has helped Jüsto automate tasks and achieve its business goals through the implementation of innovative technologies. The comprehensive vision and industry knowledge are the key to the success of this technological alliance.

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#AgileTeam #Marketplace

Development of a specialized marketplace for construction.

Discover how our transformative and collaborative solution can optimize the delivery of goods and evolve the construction industry.

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Other industries

#EdTech #DigitalPlatform #AgileTeam

APP and digital platform for access to educational content.

Find out how, in the context of Covid-19 isolation, a renowned digital educational content company for Latam, delegated the development and production in record time, of its APP for students to Kovix.

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#DigitalPlatform #AgileTeam

Digital platform that connects women around the world.

Learn how we work on the development of a global platform that knows no borders. Digital transformation at the service of a community of female entrepreneurs to empower their work.

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#HealthTech #DigitalPlatform #AgileTeam

Digital platform for health management to measure the engagement of work teams.

Discover how a Startup in the USA delegated 100% of the development of its digital platform to Kovix to measure and manage the mood of work teams. Today, 1 year after its launch, it already has +400 user registrations.

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