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We are a specialized Digital Transformation Company

Streamline your supply-chain operations with a tech team that understand your needs to deliver high-value technological solutions.

Agile Teams

Autonomous and proactive teams ready to develop high speed solutions.

Custom Software Development

We develop complex web applications and systems based on specifications or engineering requirements.

Digital Transformation

We identify the opportunities to implement the latest technologies and help translate those to a vision roadmap.

Impacting several industries

Discover how our logistics technology solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of businesses in the retail, manufacturing, distribution and 3PL industries.

Retail & E-commerce

Our solutions have helped retailers and brands manage inventory, reduce transportation and fulfillment costs and enhance the customer experience.

Third-Party Logistics (3PLs)

Our software has enabled 3PL companies to operate their warehousing and transportation in a way that delivers outstanding customer service.


Our solutions help manufacturers plan for accurate inventory, reduce waste, optimize production, and improve supply chain reliability.

Distribution & Last-Mile

Our software has helped distributors manage inventory, manage fleets, optimize distribution routes, and save on transportation costs.

Our Proven Expertise

We specialize in delivering enterprise-grade logistics technology solutions that help businesses optimize their supply chain operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Transportation Optimization

Our transportation management solutions have helped businesses reduce transportation costs, improve delivery times, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Warehouse Efficiency

Our warehouse management solutions have helped businesses improve inventory accuracy, reduce order processing times, and increase productivity.

E-Commerce Fulfillment

Our e-commerce fulfillment solutions have helped businesses optimize their online order fulfillment operations, reduce shipping times, and improve customer loyalty.

Our Software Solutions

> OMS | Order Management System

Manage your orders seamlessly and improve customer satisfaction with our OMS software.

> WMS | Warehouse Management System

Improve inventory accuracy, reduce processing times, and increase productivity with our WMS solution.

> TMS | Transportation Management System

Optimize your logistics operations and reduce transportation costs with our TMS software.

> DRP | Distribution Resource Planning

Ensure supply meets demand and reduce inventory costs with our DRP solution.

Success Stories

Learn how our logistics technology solutions have helped businesses streamline their transportation, warehousing, and e-commerce fulfillment operations.

#Retail #WMS #DigitalTransformation

Technological architecture redesign and WMS development.

Find out how we work together with the No. 1 retail company in Argentina to rethink its technological architecture to develop its marketplace and redesign its logistics systems by building a new WMS.

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#Ecommerce #DigitalPlatforms

Marketplace platform for convenience stores and grocery delivery services.

Find out how this startup in the USA managed to digitize the shopping experience of its users, uniting local retail stores and supermarkets on the same digital platform.

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#Logistics #TMS #DigitalTransformation

Loads optimization through advance routing algorithms in custom TMS.

Discover how a logistics company in the USA entrusted us with the development of its TMS platform for the consolidation of international shipments, effectively combining shipping product innovation with software based on data management.

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#Retail #WMS #DigitalTransformation

Applications and WMS development to optimize the operations center.

Learn how Jüsto, the favorite 100% digital supermarket in Mexico, Brasil & Perú, implemented a new WMS platform that optimized its logistics operations by automating tasks and improving its fulfillment performance.

What makes us different at Kovix

Our team has strong experience working with world-class organizations.

Industry Specific Know-How

Domain expertise is crucial for providing tailored and effective solutions that address the unique nature of retail and logistics business challenges.

Technology Know-How

We understand how technology is the tool that can create leverage and improve efficiency in industries where the complexity of operations grows exponentially.


Our 100% agile approach helps us bring the practices of the innovative tech industry, to drive iterative incremental value to operational initiatives.

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