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Modernizing Warehouse Operation Software

We carried out the digital transformation of the WMS for the primary distribution center.

Frávega, one of the main retailers in Argentina, had the challenge of modernizing its logistics systems to optimize its operations. A Kovix team collaborated from the very beginning in the planning of the project, diagnosing and designing the solution. The key to success was focused on understanding the complexity of its logistics operations, identifying the points of improvement where technology had a positive impact and added value to the business.

The electronic sales business is increasingly based on the customer experience, the easy navigability of the platform, variety and quality of the products offered, competitive prices and speed of delivery.

Modernizing the Warehouse Management System

The Digital Transformation project required an analysis and consulting stage where processes and systems were mapped to jointly identify opportunities for improvement. The result was a work roadmap that we defined together with the client, divided into IV Stages.

Stage I focused on enabling the warehouse a new way of working, implementing Cross-Docking operations.  This process allowed Frávega to operate in an agile and fast manner, receiving the products and dispatching them within 24 hours.  Stages II, III and IV are focused on the modernization and replacement of Legacy Systems, generating an update of both operational processes, as well as infrastructure and architecture of logistics systems.

Compatibility with Existing Devices

We developed the application for mobile devices using compatible technology, which would allow us to reuse the existing park and take advantage of the experience in the use of the equipment, which proved to be useful for the operation. At Kovix we develop systems understanding that a technology must be functional to the client’s business.

Technology assisted processes

We design a digital experience that assists the warehouse operator at all times, providing relevant information throughout the process. Through messages on the devices, information is provided on:

> > What task to perform (action).

> How it should be done.

> Where it should be done (location within the warehouse).

Each screen of the application has a “Help” button that allows any user to request additional information at any point and moment of the process. The system then explains the tasks in detail, how to do them, and who to contact if you need more help.

"From the beginning of the project, Kovix respected the defined methodology, incorporating improvement opportunities detected and, above all, complying with the planned project schedule"

Oscar Cuevas, Logistics Systems Manager

Results obtained

> To carry out the Digital Transformation Project, in 5 Stages, of six months each, which continues ongoing, mutual understanding with the client and support was essential to reach the expected final solution.

> We work with Agile Methodologies, carrying out bi-weekly demonstrations so that all the areas involved could see the evolution and development of the project.

> We gave training so that the employees of the warehouse could learn to use the new system. We listen to your feedback and adjust the experience to enhance the final solution.

> The Kovix Agile Team meshed perfectly with the client’s team. Together we are creating a project of great magnitude, with Know-How of systems, processes, technology, logistics and innovation. The synergy will allow Frávega to continue at the forefront of national logistics, and as a leader in the operation and customer experience.

Work Scope

Engineering Requirements

System Development

Software Architecture

There is no better reference than the word of our clients.

Get to know the complete Review of Oscar Cuevas, Logistics Systems Manager of Frávega.


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