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Development of a specialized marketplace for construction.

Discover how our transformative and collaborative solution can optimize the delivery of goods and evolve the construction industry.

Nuqlea is the ecosystem that transforms construction and habitat. It is a comprehensive solution for managing projects, consolidating supplier quotes and purchases of all construction materials in one place.

The Challenge

The client’s Product and Technology areas were looking to have agile, expert and specialized teams to carry out marketplace developments, both in the front and back office. The project proposed two key stages: updating and migrating the technological platform and developing new functionalities in the marketplace.

The Solution

We have developed the first specialized marketplace for construction with a transformative, cross-cutting, and collaborative vision that seeks to evolve the industry. It aims to relate and involve all links in construction, offering a comprehensive and superior value proposition. In partnership with the main leaders in logistics and log-techs, it optimizes the delivery of goods, generating scale efficiencies.

Migration of legacy technology from the client

We take care of migrating the previously developed code and components, updating them to use modern technologies and adhere to the best development practices.

Onboarding Page for Merchants

We created the registration module from scratch, allowing sellers to easily create and configure their online store, along with their product catalog. This made it easier for them to start selling online more quickly, improving the final customer experience by having a greater variety of options and services available.”

The project had two main objectives: the digitization of manual processes and the migration of the client's outdated technologies.

Achieved Results

> Cost reduction and increased efficiency: By digitizing manual processes and migrating to more modern technologies, we were able to reduce operating costs and improve overall efficiency. This translated into significant savings for the client and increased productivity for their team.

> Increased scalability and flexibility: By migrating to new technologies, the system became more scalable and flexible. This allowed the client to easily adapt to market changes and scale their business more efficiently, without worrying about old technological limitations.

> We brought our “best practices” to define work methodologies for the client to adopt as their own. The client trusted and delegated the construction of their platform to Kovix, collaborating in development with existing technology teams. We integrated organically from day 1.

Scope of Our Work

Requirements Engineering

System Development

Software Architecture

Implementation of Agile Methodologies

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