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Digitalizing the grocery shopping experience.

Marketplace App for warehouses and retail supermarkets.

The Challenge

Grocery stores are struggling to stay relevant as consumers turn to online shopping. Delivery Basics creates a network of local markets for customers to buy directly from their cell phones. They provide the platform for stores to digitize their offering, allowing customers to choose, at their convenience, between having their purchases delivered or ready for in-store pickup.

Digital Purchase Platform

The software solution mediates the entire merchant/customer relationship. From registration and shopping cart to scheduled delivery or collection.

Marketplace Platform

Building an eCommerce store is relatively easy, but building a platform where different local sellers offer their products involves much more.

The development of the software required managing:

> Vendor inventory.

> Payment methods and bank accounts.

> Commissions paid to affiliates, merchants and the platform.

> Customer billing.

To accomplish this, we set up the Stripe Payments and Stripe Connect integrations in a custom backend app.

Perfect shopping experience

Being such a competitive market, in terms of other delivery apps and large retail chains, the app user experience is key to the success of the platform.

Users will only continue to use a product if they enjoy it. For this reason, one of our top priorities was to build a seamless shopping experience, avoiding any possible friction between the user and the application. We work with UI/UX experts to transform business requirements into final design.

Strategies for successful adoption

Viral marketing integrated into the product.

There are many key ingredients to successful marketing when building a consumer app business. In this development we implement:

> Referral programs.

> Affiliate and partner app for merchant onboarding.

> Coupons and discounts to share.

> Social login and onboarding.

"Kovix is my go-to partner when my projects reach development. They are uniquely talented and deliver in incredible time."

Roberto Fucile, fundador
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Results Obtained

On projects like this, we don’t like to just sit back and watch our clients do the hard work. We are committed to the challenge of building a sustainable business by providing the best available technology to grow and manage a company:

> Customer Acquisition: Marketing automation tools and website tuning. We let delivery basics measure your funnel within the analytics dashboard.

> Customer Engagement: Push notifications as a way to bring existing customers back to the app and drive sales and customers through the funnel.

> Customer Loyalty: Experience in the digital world is everything, so we set up the basics of delivering the tools to support within the app.

> Big Data and Analytics: Set up out of the box to allow Delivery Basics to analyze how users behave within the app and better understand your audience. On their dashboard, they have access to usage metrics represented as user funnels and heatmaps.

Development was not just about creating an app, but also about starting a business.

Work Scope

Full Stack Project

Requirements Engineering

Software Development

UX/UI Design

Software Architecture

There is no better reference than the word of our clients.

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