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TMS platform for shipment consolidation.

Innovation applied to smart logistics system to optimize loads.

The Challenge

CubeLogix Inc. is a Denver-based startup that owns smart containers used to transport high-value goods and monitor the temperature, location, and security status of each unit. They developed a new business vertical consisting of a marketplace to find domestic interstate movers, and a platform that allows movers to partner together to offer long-distance backbone services.

The smart development of the TMS platform fostered partnerships between carriers facilitating interstate moves. It effectively combines shipping product innovation with data management-driven software.

A Digital Platform that drives growth

Cubelogix requested our help to develop a freight consolidation platform that could match logistics shipments going the same route, converting LTL shipments to full truckloads, thus saving on transportation costs.

Self-service platforms to simplify operations

User experience is key for our load consolidation algorithm to execute correctly. The software constantly looks for consolidation opportunities that save time and money, thus providing the shipping intelligence component that the logistics industry has been waiting for.

Depending on the parameters they choose, customers can receive up to 100 updates per day, including location, pending order information, container damage/door opening alerts, and container matching opportunities. These software features provide the transparency and data needed to plan ahead, make optimal business decisions, and maintain peace of mind.

Shipments Reservation

By integrating with MercuryGate APIs and custom pricing tables, the TMS enables the booking process to be automated, enabling users to book shipments by choosing from different quotes and delivery times to best meet their needs. Shipment requests are grouped in the same route and guarantee the user truckload rates from different agents.

"Kovix was very supportive in all of our efforts and advised us from a technology standpoint to ensure we made the best decisions."

Ashish Deshmuckh
Product Management Director, Cubelogix, Inc.

Results Obtained

Cubelogix had its MVP platform built in just 4 months, ready to launch at a logistics agent convention held in Los Angeles, USA.

Work Scope

Software Architecture

Software Development

UX/UI Design

Cloud Infrastructure Management

There is no better reference than the word of our clients.

Get to know the complete Review of Ashish Deshmuckh, Product Management Director, Cubelogix, Inc.


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