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Helping the first 100% online supermarket in Latin America optimize its distribution and last mile.

Find out how they implemented a new WMS platform that optimized their fulfillment operations by automating tasks and increasing their operational capacity.

The Challenge

As part of its digital transformation, Jüsto, the first 100% digital supermarket in Latin America, needed to implement a WMS – Warehouse Management System – platform that would allow them to replace all their satellite applications and optimize logistics operations. By rethinking the technological architecture, the goal was to build the foundations to add new features and scale the platform over time.

An agile team from Kovix was organically integrated with the client’s Product and Technology teams. The project involved developing applications and implementing the WMS to optimize logistics operations centers in Mexico and Brazil.

Accompanying Digital Transformation with Technology

The WMS is configurable and 100% integrable with the client’s pre-existing systems. The dashboard allows for visualization and management of all warehouse operations:

> Inbound | Goods Receipt.

> Outbound | Goods Issue.

> Layout Management.

> Stock Management.

> Labor Management.

Development of
E-Fulfillment System

> Web Backoffice

> Mobile application

> Web client for Distribution Center

> Micro-Fulfillment Centers

"I was surprised by the speed at which Kovix was able to build the application. The timeline was challenging, but they met the deadline and were able to deliver fantastic results."

Fernando Beck, CTO

An agile team associated for growth

Kovix’s squads joined the client’s internal development team, allowing for the different projects to be carried out in an organic and coordinated manner. We have built a relationship of trust that endures over time, becoming the client’s technological partner, understanding their business and adding value to their developments through technology. 

Factors that ensured the success of the implementation:

> Proximity and agility: Working with a multidisciplinary team to define, develop and test system functionalities.

> Commitment:Active involvement of project sponsors and stakeholders.

> Flexibility: Understanding requirements and working adaptively to the complexities of the operation.

Achieved Results

> We developed and implemented the WMS system in the warehouses of Mexico and Brazil, achieving automation of tasks and reducing operating costs.

> We created tools for inventory management and customer order fulfillment that allowed for the digitization of logistics operations and improved decision-making with updated and consolidated reports.

> These improvements enable end-to-end traceability of merchandise, optimizing dispatches and reducing billing losses.

> Kovix handled the technological leadership of the project, defining the technology stack to be used from the beginning.

Work Scope

Requirements Engineering

System Development

Software Architecture

There is no better reference than the word of our clients.

Get to know the complete Review of Fernando Beck, Chief Technology Officer de Jüsto.


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