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Discover how Jüsto Fly, Kovix’s squad, has helped Jüsto automate tasks and achieve its business goals through the implementation of innovative technologies. Comprehensive vision and industry knowledge are key to the success of this technological alliance.

Jüsto is the first 100% online supermarket in Latin America, with operations in Mexico, Peru, and Brazil. Its business model is completely online, without physical stores, and with direct delivery to the customer’s home. Jüsto has become an emerging leader in transforming the online consumer experience, driven by its cutting-edge technology and easy-to-use shopping platform.

The Challenge

As part of its digital transformation, Jüsto designs, develops, and implements technology to support various processes within the company, from assortment and inventory management to operations and logistics.

For this reason, Jüsto’s Technology and Operations department needed to have an agile and expert team focused 100% on solving different “pain points” within the company and the business.

The Solution

Jüsto Fly is Kovix’s squad that serves as an operational back office for the client’s ecommerce. Its objective is to be functional to their immediate needs. Its mission is to facilitate and automate tasks “to attack pains” and achieve the client’s objectives and goals. With a comprehensive vision and industry knowledge, Kovix provides the client with a multidisciplinary team of professionals to develop initiatives that add value to the business by applying the latest technologies.

The Jüsto Fly squad has developed different key projects that have generated a great impact on the client's operations and business.

Last Mile Coordination

Development that allows for the optimization of the client’s warehouse management, distribution, and final transportation of goods.

> Flexibility to limit the delivery capacity per hour of a warehouse (by orders or SKUs).

> New architecture to divide coverage areas of a warehouse into different zones.

> Allows last mile teams to adapt delivery capabilities according to each day.

Content Management System Platform

Customized platform that facilitates the generation and programming of marketing content.

> Customization of loyalty content for apps and web.

> Customization of the customer’s homepage content.

> Marketing and growth teams can use these spaces to display targeted offers to specific buyers.

Dynamic Landing Pages

An ad hoc tool that allows the client’s internal teams to create landing pages dynamically, simply, and quickly.

> Greater impact on campaigns for new and recurring users.

> Generation of valuable content in a segmented way for customers.

> UX/UI design to satisfy the user’s browsing experience.

> Flexibility and efficiency for the use of the marketing, growth, and branding areas of each country.

Supplier Notifications

This module automates the sending of automatic emails to the client’s suppliers.

> Sends automatic notifications to the synchronized supplier database.

> Allows for traceability of status and viewing of notification history.

> Integrally manages the client’s supplier database.

> Reduces the time spent managing purchasing tasks.

Achieved Results

The work of the Jüsto Fly squad is collaborative with the client’s internal development team and with the other Kovix teams working with the client. It is a dynamic, innovative squad, with executive speed in the developments and projects assigned to it.

Some of the highlighted milestones are:

> We integrated 100% with the client’s stakeholders to develop collaborative work between our own teams and the client.

> A Content Management System platform was developed that facilitates work and gives speed and autonomy to the Marketing and New Business teams to create new communication and promotional content. This allowed for customization of content for the new loyalty program of Justo, the homepage of the site, and the generation of landing pages.

> The “Last Mile” process was optimized, increasing the number of shipments per week from the warehouse and delivery coverage areas.

> The number of man-hours assigned to the “Purchase Orders” and “Stock Control” processes was reduced, now automated in the notification system to suppliers.

Scope of Our Work

Requirements Engineering

System Development

Software Architecture

UX/UI Design

There is no better reference than the word of our clients.

Get to know the complete Review of Fernando Beck, Chief Technology Officer de Jüsto.


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