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Managing healthy work teams through Technology.

We have developed a digital platform that helps companies improve the commitment and well-being of their employees.

The Challenge

Build from scratch a mental health management platform for work teams, designed to proactively track and improve the engagement of employees with the company. Skylyte’s core business is to ensure the creation of healthy workspaces and found in Kovix the ideal partner to develop this custom software.

The Solution

An Agile Team ready to function as part of the organization

Throughout the project, the decisive factor, beyond technical skill, was that the Kovix team functioned correctly as an extension of Skylyte’s IT area, becoming their programming and development team, bringing innovation and value to the project. We achieved this goal by implementing Agile Methodologies that allowed an excellent synergy between both teams.

Connecting Data and Action

It’s not “just” data. The platform helps teams bridge the divide between what data informs and what actions need to be taken. Combining big data, behavior change science, and personalized support, the software helps measure, act, engage, and track team productivity and mental health.

Technology at the service of the Human Factor

The platform measures the productivity and mood of the different work teams in real time.

Characteristics that make it unique:

> Intuitive and accessible software.

> Friendly design that guarantees engagement and invites the user to navigate easily.

> Features that gamify tracking and taking action to make the experience fun.

> Transparent system of roles and permissions that protects at the individual, team and organizational level.

Friendly design guarantees Usability

Our team of UX/UI designers placed special emphasis on making the platform accessible and empathic with the user. Its friendly design guarantees engagement, inviting work teams to navigate easily.

Valuable information in real time

Interactive surveys that allow measuring the different factors that make up the mental health of the work team. Dashboards that show the results clearly and in real time

“We like his positive attitude. They are always accessible and willing to attend to all customer requests and questions. It has been a successful partnership.”

Alberto Escarlate, Chief Technology Officer

Results Obtained

> We went from zero to having an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in 3 months using Agile Methodologies. The complete development of the custom solution was carried out by the Kovix team.

> The platform has engagement levels that exceed industry standards. Its UX/UI design achieves an HR product that people want to use, rather than feel compelled to.

> The project continues ongoing, with new development objectives and joint work.

Work Scope

Full Stack Proyect

Engineering Requirements

System Development

UX/UI Desing

Software Architecture

There is no better reference than the word of our clients.

Get to know the complete Review of Alberto Escarlate, CTO de Skylyte.


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