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The school is still open thanks to technology.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the school continued to operate through the digital content platform.

The Challenge

The pandemic hit us all with the same lack of preparation. But Vi-Da Tec Group had “something of value” in store for this particular moment in history: digital educational content for every subject and level of secondary education, which would become invaluable as learning sessions became remote after the physical closure of schools. Isolation caused all parents to become teachers and all teachers to become remote facilitators.

They turned to Kovix to help them develop the app that students would use to access their digital content and engage in virtual experiences that encourage social interaction through their usual platforms. The Digital Transformation of education was underway.

Transform the learning experience

The school will never be replaced, but we hope that technology can improve the learning process.

Interactive Activities

Ticmas is a comprehensive, simple and flexible educational experience for the digital age. It has the largest library of educational content, so highlighting its features was a big part of the UX/UI design challenge:

> Videos and animations.

> Quizzes and interactive exercises.

> Rich Media and web links.

A modular platform with simple and intuitive navigation that integrates content and technology in order to enrich the teaching and learning processes.

Flexible Educational Environment

Ticmas technology enables teaching and learning processes in face-to-face, semi-face-to-face and distance contexts. The platform is available on computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Access to Offline Content

Aimed at students within different realities and social contexts, the application was necessary to allow access to education even from regions with unstable connectivity. For this reason, we made content easily downloadable and available offline.

Integration with LMS platforms

The key to reaching its full potential as a tool was making it ccompatible with existing Learning Management Systems, which is why we built integrations with popular platforms like Google for Education, Moodle, and Microsoft Teams.

"We had to act fast to respond to the growing demand. Kovix's agile team was a seamless fit with our development team immediately."

Santiago Bermudez, Ticmas Product Director
Vi-Da Tec Group

Learning as a Social Experience

Active participation in digital products is important, but in education, its relevance becomes even greater to empower students to explore their own interests. Combining gamification techniques, the application invited students to challenge themselves and encouraged their participation in the proposed activities.

Key features include:

> Notification system that encourages students to complete their tasks.

> Metrics, reports and instant reports on the progress of each student and each class.

> Chat live with the rest of the class.

Project Results

The digital platform has been selected by the government of 6 provinces in Argentina as the main solution for the implementation of remote education during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The application is being used by more than 35,000 students throughout Latin America. Vi-Da Tec has also partnered with Google to offer all of their content through the Classroom Integration that we developed.

Work Scope

Mobile Application Development

LMS Integration

System Development

Platform Maintenance

There is no better reference than the word of our clients.

Get to know the complete Review of Santiago Bermudez, Ticmas Product Director, Vi-Da Tec.


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