Agile Teams

Talented squads to promote the technology roadmap proactively.

An autonomous and proactive team of experts

We provide all the necessary roles to form the Agile Team that your project needs. The teams are made up of a Project Manager, Software Engineers, Quality Control Engineers (QA) and other roles that are defined for each specific project. The management is carried out jointly by a Scrum Master and the client’s Product Owner.

What is a dedicated team structure?

When you hire a dedicated team, you acquire the services of a multidisciplinary team, managed autonomously, and that will be in charge of your project exclusively. From a product definition or requirements gathering, the team drives the work towards the objective, aligning criteria and priorities with 100% agile methodologies.

Business Analysts

UX/UI Designers

Mobile Developers

Front and Backend Developers

DevOps experts

We bring together the right team to create the digital solution that your project needs.


Benefits of managing with Agile Teams

Build technology solutions with a flexible team at your disposal, which will adapt the developments to your project objectives.

Trained Professionals

People & Culture is constantly selecting the best professional profiles to add them to Kovix Team.

Fast Execution

The work processes and the autonomy and proactivity of the teams ensure a high-speed progress of your project.

Proactive Management

Technology is in the Kovix DNA. We contribute all our knowledge to the construction of quality solutions.

Scope Flexibility

By using our resources, you can focus on the key growth drivers of the project.

When is it convenient to choose the Agile Team service?

Due to its flexibility and scalability, the dedicated team model is suitable for various projects. It works great when it comes to:

> Long-term project and potential changes in requirements.
> Unique project that does not justify the hiring of an internal team.
> The internal team does not have the capacity to take on a greater workload.

> The internal team lacks experience and/or specific knowledge.

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